The treasure of our wines.

The only treatments implemented in the vineyards are the ones
based on sulfur and copper. Then, just light processing up to the cellar, where we respect the variety and the local characteristics of both must and wine.

We have an holistic and “customized” idea of each grapevine, looked after in order to self-regulate the growth and to prevent diseases.

For this reason, since the harvest of 2013, we work in accordance with the organic principles, and in 2016, after a three-year phase of conversion, the company will obtain an organic certification.

The land has already proved itself incline to change. A micro-biological “resurrection” of soil and a physiological rebirth of plants made the green of leaves brighter, the soil damper and inhabited, the clusters more autonomous, combative, balanced.

The best answer we could expect, which motivates the desire to work a vital land and gather rich grapes in order to be respectfully transformed into wine. All that to make an authentic representation of our country and proudly show our efforts